[Mimedefang] MD and ClamD

Krištof Petr Kristof.P at fce.vutbr.cz
Wed Dec 4 04:28:00 EST 2002


I have mimedefang and clamscan works together well.

Now, I trying to use clamd. Clamd itself runs well, too.

My setup:
MD-2.26 (user defang)
ClamD-0.54 (user clamav)
/tmp/clamd.sock (another apps want to cooperate with clamd)

Its not working. Viruses goes through MD.

MD reports no error. Im guess what did happens.
Looking to clamd log file shows no one file was checked.

IMHO clamd (user clamav) have no access rights to read/check
attachments stored in MDs working directory - user defang,
dir attributes 700, file attributes 600.

Im suggest to add group read attribute = 750,640 for group defang
and add user clamav to this group.

This should resolve this problem by clear way.

Am I wrong?



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