[Mimedefang] Can't make MIMEDefang 2.2 Beta 2 either

Gerry Doris gerry at dorfam.ca
Fri Nov 30 07:42:35 EST 2001

I don't understand this at all.  

I completely installed sendmail 8.12.1 from source.  It is working.  As 
part of the install I did compile and install libsm.a.  It is also where 
it is supposed to be along with the other libs.

I added the -lsm after libsmutil.a and the mimedefang make still fails at 
the same spot.  

I noticed in the list archives that another person had exactly the same 
problem but there was no response back as to whether they found a fix or 
not?  I couldn't find their email address from the list message to contact 
them directly.

I'll try again this weekend but I really don't know where to start???


On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, David F. Skoll wrote:

> On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Gerry Doris wrote:
> > Any suggestions would be really appreciated!
> There should be a "-lsm" on the link line (probably after the
> libsmutil.a).  I have no idea why it isn't working for you, because
> I too built it on a fresh Red Hat 7.2 box.  Did you compile/install
> libsm.a?  That's the library which contains strlcpy and friends.
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> David.
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