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Manjunath H.N hn_manju at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 23 04:13:05 EST 2001


I am using Mimedefang for filtering messages. I want
to have a filter that checks for attachments   in
mails which have been sent from clients to the mail
server and then if a certain condition is satisfied
then it must send an alert to a particular user and
upon his deciscion whether to send the mail or not the
mail should be sent to the respective mail id.

For Eg: Say I have a domain called abc.com.

The users in the domain are say:

(1) jack at abc.com
(2) sam at abc.com
(3) peter at abc.com     etc..

And say peter at abc.com is a Manager in the company.

Suppose sam or jack send a message with an attachment
to some other domain say to a yahoo account I want a
condition such that whenever the users jack or sam try
to send a message an alert has to be sent to peter
saying that an attachment is being sent by such a
person and peter must decide whether or not the mail
with the attachment can be sent or not depending on
the contents of the attachment. 

This is for a strict security purpose in my comapny
bcos all mails going out should be checked for this.

I know it is a very big thing I am asking but please
can anybody help me out on this.


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