[Mimedefang] Question on Notify Sender.

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Tue Nov 20 13:52:43 EST 2001

On Tue, 20 Nov 2001, Albert E. Whale wrote:

> The sender was '<cnussill at access.hky.com>'.

This is what is sent with the SMTP "MAIL FROM: command"

> Here are the message headers:
> FROM: carla mussill <cmussill at access.hky.com>

> It appears that the Virus has changed the information about the Sender,
> and the Message header's From address is correct.  Can we update the The
> Sender address if the Message Header address than what is currently
> detected?

You can do it (all message headers are in the file ./HEADERS; just
read that file and pull out the From: line.)  However, there is not
much point.  It is very easy to forge either the SMTP MAIL FROM:
address or the address on the From: header line or both.

The notify_sender action is of questionable value.  It makes a best-effort
to notify the sender, but you really can't rely on it.

Another way to tell a site that a virus has been detected would be
to do a reverse lookup on the SMTP relay and then a WHOIS to find the
organization.  But this is also hit-and-miss and could send notifications
to inappropriate people.

My favourite is simply to call action_bounce if a virus is detected.
If the sender has forged the From: address, it's not our problem.



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