[Mimedefang] Problems with the mimedefang filter and email transferred trough ISDN !!!

F.Skale at mainwork.com F.Skale at mainwork.com
Tue Nov 20 08:46:31 EST 2001

My Mailserver is running avp and mimedefang 2.1.
Has 1 GB RAM.
If users from the local net send e-mails there's no problem, but if a user
connected to ISDN send an email with a longer attachment of 3 MB than the
filter is running into a timeout.
It seems that mimedefang cannot transfer the mails to the mailq.
The filter is run thousands of times but don't transfer ist to the queue.
I altered the timeout busy parm to 1000 secons and the idle timeout to 10
Should i seperate the two server ? (Filter and Virusscanner)

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