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John Paul jpaul at kormanmarketing.com
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Not to sound rude or step on anyone's toes:

If you allow mail for one person through without being scanned, why scan
any mail at all? You have just defeated the purpose of scanning mail in
the first place. You have let a potentially infected attachment right
through your defense. 

Ask them how long it would take them to clean up a rampant virus or

Throw that argument at them, then see what they ask for, hehe.



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I have recently been requested NOT to scan the Email of a specific user,
as they have Norton Anti-Virus 2001!  While I am impressed that they
want to accept responsibility, I do not think that they understand what
they are asking.

That being said, I want to develop a list of Users (or PDBs) that do not
want to have their Email Scanned for Viruses.  If that is what they
want, I'm inclined to let ALL Of the Viruses in.

I know that there was a discussion some time ago regarding the scanning
of Mail for Domains, how (or where) would I include a Look up (in the
multiplexed clients) for exclusion of various Users from Email Scanning?

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