[Mimedefang] filter example for virus scanners

Steve Ladendorf sladendorf at blakeschool.org
Fri Dec 7 11:31:24 EST 2001

mimedefang at lists.roaringpenguin.com writes:
>Is there anyone willing to share example filters for use with the
>Kaspersky anti virus scanner for Linux.  It must just be because it is
>Friday but I'm having some conceptual problems understanding how the
>attachment is scanned and result codes passed back to MIMEDefang for
>disposition.  What happens if the virus can't be cleaned?  How can I
>configure an alert so the MIMEDefang administrator, sender and receiver is
>alerted of viruses (cleaned or uncleaned)?  It seems like for all this to
>happen the AVPDeamon should not be used and a command line scanner used

Hate to reply to my own message but the answer was Read The Flipping
Manual!  Didn't notice that the high risk filter example was the push I
needed (and a healthy does of sugar+caffeine).

It looks like the virus filter only quarantines the infected file and does
not try to clean it.  Am I correct in that assumption?  The AvpLinux
option -I0 seems to say "Infected Action, Report Only" - AVP documentation
of command line options seems a bit different than what the actual
AvpLinux app reports with --help??  Has anyone written a filter that
attempts to clean the file and pass it along?  Seems like an if, elseif
comparison of the AvpLinux result code would be possible.

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