[Mimedefang] Virus Scanners

Bene, Martin Martin.Bene at kpnqwest.com
Thu Dec 6 03:26:19 EST 2001

Hi Ashley,

>     So what's a common (not too expensive) virus scanner that 
> people are using with MIMEDefang?  From it's configure 
> result, I see it has support for H+BEDV (antivir), NAI 
> (uvscan), Sophos (sweep) and AVP (AvpLinux)...

My personal favorite is the kaspersky scanner (AVP), even though current
versions need some modifications to mimedefang.pl for best results:

* Nice price for protecting mailservers with lots of users: unlimited users,
one server license is US$ 560/year; lower prices for limited number of users
or more than one server also available.

* Client/Server system: you run a scanner daemon on system startup and have
mimedefang submit scan jobs to this daemon using a very small client
program. this is much more resource efficient than starting up a whole AV
scanner for each attachment.

Changes necessary to make currect version of kaspersky work:

- The Program used for scanning is AvpDaemonClient, not AvpLinux. 
- the client program doesn't like relative paths, so you need to make the
paths passed to the scanner for processing absolute.

    my($pwd) = `pwd`;
    my($code) = run_virus_scanner("/opt/AVP/AvpDaemonClient $pwd/$path

Another change I've added to my mimedefang installation: ability to send an
admin notification to the filter admin for action_drop_with_warning action
and not only for the quarantine case.

Bye, Martin

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