[Mimedefang] Mail Server

Manjunath.H.N. hn_manju at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 16 10:39:04 EST 2001


I am using Postfix as a Mail Server in my company as the rules of the
company insist that a backup of all incoming and outgoing mails to be stored
even though it can be done in Sendmail it takes a lot of congfiguration so I
decided on Postfix which is much more simpler.

Also the Company is planning to implement a policy such that whenever a mail
with attachment is sent from an employee inside the company to somebody
outside a alert has to be sent to a particular user and upon his decision
that the mail attachment does not posess any security threat to the company
he can let it go or delete it if he does not find it secure.Can this be
implemented with Mimedefang on Postfix or atleast could you help me in
trying to do this.

I know this is not a real easy way and not a complete fool proof method but
you see I cannot help it as the management insists on this and I cannot
refuse them or give an excuse. After long discussions it has been decided
that this procedure has to be implemented and the sooner I implement it the
better for me.

So could you please help me out.


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