[Mimedefang] sendmail m4?

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Wed Dec 5 17:31:10 EST 2001

    Item (5) in README says:

5) Add the following lines to your Sendmail "m4" configuration file.
DO use the m4 configuration method, right?)

If you are using Sendmail 8.11, put the line: define(`_FFR_MILTER',`1')
right before the line which reads: include(`../m4/cf.m4')

    Yeah, I use m4, however my config file doesn't include cf.m4...
    I get it done through:

    [sendmail/cf]$ m4 m4/cf.m4 cf/<customfile>.mc > sendmail.cf

    In fact, I don't ever remember having cf.m4 getting included in any
of my files (or even the default ones that gets shipped with the
sendmail distribution), so...

    Do I just shove that include line in my customfile (Any specific
place it has to be?  all the way at the top?  After 'divert(0)dnl'?
Anywhere?)  And then add the 'define...' line before it?

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